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Make Up Artist

Hair & Make Up


Photo & VIDEO

Matija & Bozo

+385 958147874

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Dance Shoes

A 150-year-old tradition of high-quality dance shoes, DIAMANT Dance Shoes are the proud sponsor for the winners in every 5 dance category of the BANGKOK ROYAL PEARL

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Dance Shoes & Dance Wear

Mine · Jas was founded by Jasmine Zhang in London, England in 2018. Which is a professional dance product platform that aims to connect professional dance brands with dancers. Our mission is to provide dancers around the world with more cost-effective
dances products. We only work with the manufacturers who are best at what they do and regularly sample their products to ensure the highest standards of their. Our team also monitors return rates and customer reviews to understand customer's expectations for products and quality and then uses that knowledge to improve styles
as we repeat manufacturing.

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